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Alternatives of fuel

In the present time, one of the major problems of our planet is global warming and pollution. All the three natural sources like air, water, ocean everything is being polluted in an excessive rate. And one of the major causes of this pollution and global warming is green house gas emission.

Green house gases emit mostly because of usage of fuel like petrol, diesel etc. The matter has reached to this extent that now we are bound to think about it. We are now talking about using alternative fuels for our daily works. But what are those materials that we can use as alternative to fuel?

  1. Electric – Electric can be used as a major alternative to fuels. Cars and other transports can be run by electrically charged batteries. It will reduce the green house gas emission count, and the problem of global warming can be controlled. Even electric ovens i.e. induction ovens can also be used for cooking purpose.
  2. Biodiesel – The use of biodiesel has already been promoted in some countries. Biodiesel is a fuel made of bio-products and diesel or petrol. It reduces the harmful green house gas emission to some extent, though since it is mostly made of diesel, the use of it must be controlled. But biodiesel made of entirely bio-products like vegetable oils or animal fats are also there, and completely harmless to the environment, though the distribution infrastructure of that is not properly built up yet.
  3. Hydrogen – Hydrogen gas is also can be used as an alternative fuel by mixing it with natural gases. It can be used in certain types of internal combustion engines.
  4. Natural gas – Natural gas is widely available to many countries as an alternative fuel. It burns totally clean, thus the green house gas emission rate is very low. But there is a problem in using natural gas. During the production of natural gas, it creates Methane gas, which is one of the most harmful green house gases, and 21 times worse than carbon dioxide.

There are few other alternative fuels like Ethanol, Propane, Methanol, P-series fuel etc. which can be used as alternative fuel in our daily life necessity. Propane or LPG can be used for cooking purpose, but the infrastructures of using and distributing these alternative fuels are yet to be grown as the present condition is surely not enough to start using these worldwide.