/Future vehicles to run on electric in India

Future vehicles to run on electric in India

We often arouse voice against the hike on the price of petrol and diesel, because we depend on petrol and diesel-fueled transport. But the picture is going to be changed soon. Govt. of India has taken an initiative to convert all the vehicles being fueled by petrol and diesel to fully electric operating vehicles by 2030. So if you see cars or any transports being run on battery and without any petrol or diesel, don’t get surprised.

Electric vehicles are very popular in other countries. In China, there is vehicle charging stations too where one can charge up his car with electric. Govt. of India had organized a tender, and in that, Tata Motors has won the tender along with Mahindra & Mahindra Cars as a partner to produce vehicles that will run on electric. Govt. has decided to convert all the vehicles to be operated by electric which are used for Govt. services i.e. Govt. cars, Govt. service buses etc. They have decided to produce 10,000 electric cars in the first lot. 500 to be produced in the first phrase, and remaining 9,500 will be produced in the second phrase. Mahindra & Mahindra has announced to produce its own e-rikshaws for public transport which is already very popular and named as Toto.

Govt. of India wants to replace all the petrol & diesel vehicles to electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emission as it is the most discussed topic when global warming is concerned. Indian govt. has signed the global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emission, and the decision to start electric vehicles is the result of that. World Health Organization has enlisted 6 Indian cities including New Delhi as the topmost polluted cities of the world. And for last few years, New Delhi is facing the problem of smog spreading at a particular time of the year which is believed is caused by excessive amount of pollution. Many people of the city got ill by this smog and the govt. wants a permanent solution to this problem.

Not only in India, but the initiative of electrification of vehicles has been taken by the whole world. While India wants to complete this by 2030, Netherlands & Norway want to finish it by 2025, and UK and France by 2040. Since global warming is one of the biggest issues and is considered as a threat to our planet, this initiative is a very good step towards a pollution-free future.